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If you are fan of a opensource products, this is for you!

Today,  I learned about a new db design tool, which is open source and free of cost. More importantly, its light weight and easy to use. Its just 92KB size and you can start using right after extracting it. Awesome.

WWW SQL Designer is a OSS tool hosted on Google Code. You can download the latest version of it from here.

Here is the sample diagram that I made with the help of this tool. This is just for your understanding.

Sample ER diagram

you can generate SQL script for the above tables on fly and  create them on a db – mysql etc. Not all databases are supported but most of the Opensource db’s are supported with this tool.  mySQL , SQLLite , PostGRESQL are supported.

More to be added here when I get more time to investigate with this tool.




A trip to NagarjunaSagar

Hi there, I wanted to share my experiences of one day trip to Nagarjuna Sagar with my good old college friends which was on Sept 5th 2010.

Image at Sagar tiffin center

Bagga mekkinam vaay..

It all started when my friend Harsha called me to check if I will be joining their ‘still planning’ trip to Tirupati. I said OK and we were checking all possibilities to make out the trip. But, due to some reasons, we were unable to make the tirupathi trip. As a alternate, I suggested a one day trip to Nagarjuna Sagar dam ( this is good choice considering the rain fall this season.. ).    Naveen joined us from Warangal,  Jeevan, Pranav and Harsha from Infosys are in Hyderabad itself and are OK with the trip. Interestingly and accidentally, Manish joined us in the very last minute.. (almost just before he going to sleep on saturday.. ;-).  I confirmed a Cab on Saturday afternoon for 7rs for km. Finally, we managed to get 6 ppl on board.

Day started for me at 4.15AM.  We got ready by 5.30 and on road to catch a bus to koti, where the cab driver will be waiting for us.  Manish joined us in koti. Funny thing is that, Manish is not aware that the day is actually a band due to some discrepancies in APPSC(Civils) exam. He saw that road was hit by too many police and was shivering to continue further. I assured his safety and then he managed to come with us.. ;-).  Harsha and Pranav joined us in Dilsikhnagar and we had breakfast in near by tiffin center ( at LBNagar, name was some thing like raghavendra sagar) . Bad service but good taste.

We started there (LB agar) at around 7.30.  Climate was awesome. Blue sky with few clouds here and there.  Road was average. Its not a NH quality but its OK.  For some time, it was very bad but otherwise, its OK ( when compared to other roads). Since the day was actually a Telangana bandh, we are first hit by telangana activists at a place which is around 1 hr from Sagar.  We escaped there intellectually, asked driver to drive sideways and crossed the barricade.  After 20-30 mins of drive, we are again stopped. This time, we cannot escape but the road-stop was doing by a bunch ok teens, headed by a tall teen ;-).  We disguised our selves as reporters, ( as the Telangana activists are more interested in reporters and we got a digi camera.. thats it) and reached to barricade. We got down and started taking pics of the activists. Surprisingly, they turned towards us ( opp to the vehicles and showing their love towards the new state ) . We had a arguement with them and managed to get them out of our way. Now, huge  barricade is on our way.  this time, its being done by a bunch of politicians. They were cooking upma on middle of the road.  A poor bridegroom reached their and participated in the harthaal( just to make sure that he is not badly hit by the road harthaal, as he needs to rush to marriage hall). Watch out pics here..



Jai Telangana

Barricade on Telangana Band

Jai Telangana

Some how, we reached Nagarjuna Sagar and rest of the story is Wonderful. We enjoyed the site at Dam – 22 out of 26 gates are opened!  Eye-feasting site that was! And also exciting boat trip to the NagarjunaSagar Museum. Pics are followed.